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Tuesday 20th of February 2018    


Keep Track Of Incoming Email (Without Unlocking The Phone!)

eNotify provides direct local notification for incoming messages along with custom email alert sounds for different accounts, senders, subjects, and recipient addresses. Easily silence background email noise and stay aware of important message traffic!  In addition, the message sender and subject can be shown via local notice, so you'll always know when your spouse wants you to drop by the store on the way home, *without* unlocking your phone!

Custom Alerts Help You Stand Out From The Crowd

Tired of that one email alert provided by iOS? Find yourself constantly checking your email each time that ding announces itself? With eNotify you can configure any of 150+ built-in custom audio alerts (including subtle professional tones as well as entertaining ones) to help you stay aware of important messages. In addition to the built-in sounds, you can add your own sound files via iTunes file sharing or record your own voice notice within the app for specific needs.

Runs In The Background

Once you start eNotify, the app continuously runs in the background, periodically checking your configured email accounts.  While operating in the background, the app does nothing, conserving battery life.  Each email account has an associated check interval (just like the standard iOS mail settings) and the app wakes up to check your messages each time that interval expires.  Set larger intervals to conserve battery life.  Set shorter intervals to get notified as soon as possible when new mail comes in.  In any case, you are free to use your phone for other activities while eNotify monitors email for you.

Email Data Never Leaves Your Device (Security And Privacy Is Critical)

Unlike other "push email apps" which require you to forward all your email to their external servers or provide them with your email account login information and which may charge subscription fees, eNotify is a one-time up-front purchase and does its work entirely on your device, working in the background. Your email is safe and your data never leaves your device. Period.